Visual Workplace Factory Makeover DVD: La-Z-Boy

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A visual workplace is an environment that directs, evaluates, and corrects itself at every moment, and is populated with a culture that strives to recognize and eliminate the root causes associated with information deficits. This environment does not just materialize by organizing your workplace... or by implementing 5S alone. It requires a special strategy that until now has been difficult or even impossible to learn.

This 30 minute video will show your employees how waste can be eliminated through the removal of information deficits - those missing bits of crucial information that slow down your workforce, that cause them to search, to ask unnecessary questions, to waste time, money, and other resources.

The strategy of the creation of a true visual workplace is demonstrated graphically in the video, as La-Z-Boy puts it to work and realizes amazing results.

Watching this transformation in action will teach you and your staff a unique, easy-to-follow method for the execution of visual workplace that will generate significant improvements. The ideas and inspiration you will gain from watching this video will give you a clear map to follow as you begin your own visual workplace transformation.

Produced by: Visual Workplace LLC
Length: 30 Minutes


Item# 70V1004


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