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Value Stream Mapping Solution Package

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Value Stream Mapping is used for the documentation and analysis in the flow of materials and information to bring a product or service to market. This Value Stream Mapping Solution Package provides all the information, materials and techniques needed to effectively lead your own Value Stream Mapping Program. Structuring the package around a teach-do format allows the scope of analysis to be large enough to develop a comprehensive improvement plan with a current state map as well as a future state map.

"With the Value Stream Mapping training kit, your trainer has everything necessary for an internal program that teaches and develops a value stream map for one or more of your processes. Through this, participants are able to visualize the inefficiencies, imbalances and inventory buildups that generate so much waste."
   Quarterman Lee President, Strategos Inc.

For the Value Stream Mapping Program to be successful it has to be effective in how it is structured and delivered. Developing a current state and future state value stream maps is just the beginning of a more involved improvement program. Because of this, the Value Stream Mapping program is structured around a complete training and analysis schedule. The Facilitator is provided with information on preparing for the event, facilitating the event and leading the creation of an implementation plan from the value stream mapping exercise. For the participants, Enna?s training package provides the content, materials and tools to create maps and develop a process improvement plan. The VSM solution is action-oriented and guides the participants through a process of analyzing the company with the Value Stream Mapping Tools.

Included in this package:

  • VSM: Facilitator Guide
  • VSM: Preparation Guide
  • VSM: Facilitator Digital media CD
  • VSM: Participant Workbook (8)
  • Product Family Matrix
  • Histogram Analysis Sheet
  • Pareto Analysis Form
  • Data Boxes
  • Kaizen Bursts
  • Just in Time: Poster
  • 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster
  • Continuous Improvement: Poster
  • VSM: Poster

Item #: 70TP016


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