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Value Stream Management: Eight Steps to Planning, Mapping, and Sustaining Lean Improvements

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The Value Stream Management System simplifies the planning process for lean implementation, ensuring quick deployment and greater success. It links the metrics and reporting required by management with the lean tools needed on the manufacturing floor. The central feature of this illustrative and engaging book is the value stream management storyboard, a tool representing an eight-step process for lean implementation. The storyboard brings together people, tools, metrics, and reporting into one visual document.

Tapping, Luyster, and Shuker stress the importance of reaching beyond single-point kaizens to ensure a sustainable lean implementation process. Many people use the value stream map as an individual tool, but not within the context of a proven overall system. Value Stream Management: Eight Steps to Planning, Mapping, and Sustaining Lean Improvements shows you how to use mapping as part of a complete system for lean implementation.

The final outcome of Value Stream Management is the creation of a complete, visual plan for lean transformation - and the mastery of the skills required to implement that plan. Instead of just using Toyota Production System Tools, the authors encourage you to create your own lean production system. Value Stream Management will help you to complete your process and sustain it!

BONUS CD! Along with this book you receive a CD containing a lean assessment tool, a storyboard template, useful charts, a team charter, forms, reports, and worksheets.

Highlights include:

  • A thorough overview of basic lean concepts
  • A case study demonstrating the application of a lean manufacturing system
  • Guidance on the creation of a complete visual plan for lean transformation
  • The 8 key steps for effective value stream management
  • Guidelines and checklists to help direct lean implementation efforts
  • A comprehensive lean manufacturing assessment tool
  • Definitions of common lean terms and concepts

    Sample of Table of Contents:
    Step 1: Commit to Lean
    Step 2: Choose the Value Stream
    Step 3: Learn about Lean
    Step 4: Map the Current State
    Step 5: Identify Lean Metrics
    Step 6: Map the Future State
    Step 7: Create Kaizen Plans
    Step 8: Implement Kaizen Plans

    ISBN# 1563272458
    Authors: Tom Luyster, Tom Shuker, Don Tapping
    Published: 2002
    Pages: 175
    Binding: Paperback

    Item# 70B7006


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