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TPM Solution Package

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This training package will allow you to implement a robust system that focuses on systemizing your maintenance needs. Employees will develop a customized Total Productive Maintenance system that produces a high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This measures the time you need that equipment to meet daily customer demand. TPM uses this analytical tool as a baseline to benchmark actual customer demand time, not the maximum scheduled production time. With this TPM Training Package you can achieve an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the mid to upper 90% without major capital expenditures!

Standard Features Include:

  • TPM Facilitator Guide
  • TPM Participant Workbook
  • Abnormality Assessment Form
  • TPM Blue Tags (Includes TPM Tag Flow Chart)
  • TPM Tag Register
  • OEE Work Sheet
  • TPM Inspection Form
  • TPM Inspection Cards Set
  • Autonomous Maintenance Form
  • One-Point Lesson Form
  • 30 Day TPM Action Log
  • 6 Major Types of Equipment Losses Poster
  • Seven Types of Abnormalities Poster
  • TPM Poster
  • 7 Autonomous Maintenance Steps Poster
  • The Lean Mindset Poster

This training package is designed around a 4 day workshop.
    Day 1: TPM Training Portion
    Day 2-4: Shop Floor Implementation



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