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TPM: Total Productive Maintenance DVD

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Item #: 70V1018
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This program demonstrates how predictive and preventive maintenance techniques can bring an end to crisis maintenance and keeps equipment operating at optimum levels.

Three case studies have been documented providing three different scenarios heading towards a common goal.

  • Delco Remy shows how increases in productivity were gained through teamwork, training, and a sophisticated Computerized Maintenance Management System.
  • Loran Cassettes and Audio Products shows how a small manufacturer who is a Q-1 certified supplier, successfully executes TPM techniques. Since implementing TPM in the mid-1990, daily downtime fell by 29%, daily defects decreased by 22%, and production increased by 20%.
  • Miller Brewery's Packaging Plant where a reliability engineer on staff is responsible for identifying and eliminating recurring problems through equipment redesign or modification.

Published by: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Date Published: April 30, 2003
Length: 00:40 minutes


Item# 70V1018


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