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Sigma 16 Sign Shop Vinyl, 16 in x 50 ft

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Item #: 52MVS16
Color: cardinal red
Sku: 52MVS16-CRD
Color: orange
Sku: 52MVS16-OR
Color: canary yellow
Sku: 52MVS16-CYW
Color: green
Sku: 52MVS16-GR
Color: sapphire blue
Sku: 52MVS16-SBL
Color: gray
Sku: 52MVS16-GY
Color: navy blue
Sku: 52MVS16-NBL
Color: medium blue
Sku: 52MVS16-MBL
Color: olympic blue
Sku: 52MVS16-OBL
Color: light blue
Sku: 52MVS16-LBL
Color: teal
Sku: 52MVS16-TL
Color: dark green
Sku: 52MVS16-DGR
Color: sunflower yellow
Sku: 52MVS16-SYW
Color: brown
Sku: 52MVS16-BR
Color: almond
Sku: 52MVS16-AL
Color: burgundy
Sku: 52MVS16-BU
Color: tomato red
Sku: 52MVS16-TRD
Color: pink
Sku: 52MVS16-PK
Color: light purple
Sku: 52MVS16-LPR
Color: purple
Sku: 52MVS16-PR
Color: clear
Sku: 52MVS16-CLR
Color: royal blue
Sku: 52MVS16-RBL
Color: forest green
Sku: 52MVS16-FGR
Color: kelly green
Sku: 52MVS16-KGR
Color: gold
Sku: 52MVS16-GD
Color: silver
Sku: 52MVS16-SV
Color: black
Sku: 52MVS16-BK
Color: white
Sku: 52MVS16-WH

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Sigma 16 Professional Series Vinyl is specifically designed for computerized, graphic sign cutting plotters. Our vinyl has a durable 3.0 mil thickness and polymeric gloss vinyl film, coated with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Each extra wide roll is 16" wide x 50' and has a five year life. Recommended for Indoor / Outdoor use.

Size: 16" wide x 50' , 3.0 mil thickness
Material: Polymeric gloss vinyl film. Permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, white paper backing.

Qty: 1 roll

Colors: Cardinal Red, Orange, Canary Yellow, Green, Sapphire Blue, Gray, Navy Blue, Medium Blue, Olympic Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Dark Green, Sunflower Yellow, Brown, Almond, Burgundy, Tomato Red, Pink, Light Purple, Purple, Clear, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Gold, Silver, Black, and White (Approximate color shown in image)

Item# 52MS16V-(color)





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