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Shigeo Shingo: Non-Stock Production - The Shingo System of Continuous Improvement

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Shingo, whose work at Toyota provided the foundation for JIT, teaches how to implement non-stock production in your JIT manufacturing operations. The culmination of his extensive writings on efficient production management and continuous improvement, this book is an essential companion volume to his other landmark books on key elements of JIT, including SMED and poka-yoke.

You will learn:

  • Fundamental flaws in European and American production philosophies.
  • Basic concepts for improving production systems.
  • The "scientific thinking mechanism" -- a new approach to improvement.
  • Implementing a production method in an age of authorized stock production.
  • Development of production functions in the age of non-stock production.
  • Significance of the different production systems.
Dr. Shingo pulls together all the pieces of the production puzzle and thoroughly destroys the myth of the inevitability of waste and inventory.

ISBN: 9781563273476
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication Date: 06/21/2006
Pages: 479
Size: 6.0" x 9.25"
Binding: Hardcover

Item# 70B7021


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