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Quick and Easy Kaizen Solution Package

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Item #: 70TP006
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Quick and Easy Kaizen is the most effective and powerful way to implement a practical and sustainable employee-led improvement system by encompassing the often-ignored, human (employee) side of Lean manufacturing.

This training package recognizes that the employee performing the work is the expert concerning his/her job function and should be given the power to make changes to his/her work environment. Quick and Easy Kaizen trains employees to be responsible for improvements on a daily basis.

Key Benefits:
     - A permanent change of methods
     - A continuous flow of improvement ideas
     - Millions of dollars of savings from implemented ideas Improve; quality, safety, throughput, and customer service
     - Locally implemented improvements
     - An energized and willing workforce

What's included:
     (1) Quick & Easy Kaizen: Facilitator Guide
     (1) Quick & Easy Kaizen: Preparation Guide
     (1) Quick & Easy Kaizen: Presentation CD
     (8) Quick & Easy Kaizen: Participant Workbook
     (200) Quick & Easy Kaizen Form
     (2) Kaizen: Poster
     (2) 8 Wastes of Lean: Poster

This is a one day Kaizen event training package


Item# 70TP006


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