SMED: Quick Changeover Solution Package

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In today's business environment there is an increasing need to become more agile to accommodate the unique needs of your customers. One of the best tools to increase flexibility and agility is the use of SMED methodology. SMED stands for "single minute exchange of die". SMED reduces setup times so that you will be able to accommodate shorter lead-times and higher variety of products while increasing profit margins.
SMED Quick Changeover Training Package provides all the information, materials, and techniques needed to effectively lead your own SMED Quick Changeover Program. The Quick Changeover training package is action oriented using a mixture of training room learning and shop floor implementation. For your Quick Changeover Program to be effective it has to be successful over time. Therefore, our package is structured around a full five-day training schedule, and provides the materials needed to facilitate and implement SMED principles to ensure successful set up reduction. All of this ensures you will have the structure to make sustainable setup reduction a reality.

Included in the package:

  • Quick Changeover: Facilitator Guide
  • Quick Changeover: Participant Workbook
  • Quick Changeover: Motion Diagram
  • Quick Changeover: Observation Form
  • Quick Changeover: Setup Combination Worksheet
  • 7 Waste Observation Form
  • 5S Red Tag Register Form
  • 5S Red Tags
  • 5S Poster Version 1
  • 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster
  • Continuous Improvement: Poster
  • 8 Rules for Quick Changeover Poster


Item #: 70TP015


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