White PVC Signboard Pre Cut Pack

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Item #: 52MBWH

Quantity Size Sku Price
6x12 52MBWH-6x12


12x12 52MBWH-12x12


12x24 52MBWH-12x24


24x24 52MBWH-24x24


24x48 52MBWH-24x48


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Product Details

Durable 3mm PVC signboard available in a variety of colors and pre-cut sizes.


Color: White
Qty: Signboard is sold in the follow standard pack sizes:

6" x 12" = 64 piece packs

12" x 12" = 32 piece packs
12" x 24" = 16 piece packs
24" x 24" = 8 piece packs
24" x 48" = 4 piece packs

NOTE: Boards have pointed corners.


Available in a variety of colors and pre-cut sizes.


Item #: 52MBWH-(size)




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This item ships along and incurs additional handling fee due to its size and weight.


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