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Pull Production for the Shopfloor

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In a pull production system, the final process pulls needed parts from the previous process, which pulls from the process before it, and so on, as determined by customer demand. This allows you to operate without preset schedules and avoid unnecessary costs, wastes, and delays on the manufacturing floor. Pull Production for the Shopfloor introduces production teams and managers to basic pull production concepts, enabling them to begin understanding, planning, and implementing this lean tool. Use this book to get everyone on board to reduce work in process inventory, lead-time, and other profit-draining expenses. This book will enable plant managers to explain and thereby get support the support they need from higher management for their pull implementation efforts.
Productivity's Shopfloor Series books offer a simple, cost-effective approach for building basic knowledge about key manufacturing improvement topics. Like all our Shopfloor Series books, Pull Production for the Shopfloor includes innovative instructional features that are the signature of the Shopfloor Series. The goal: to place powerful and proven improvement tools such as pull production techniques in the hands of your entire workforce.
ISBN# 1563272741
Author: Productivity Press Development Team
Published: 2002
Pages: 128
Binding: Paperback

Item#: 70B7041

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