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Plant Tour Series: Alpha Analytical DVD

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For 27 years, Alpha Analytical, Inc. has provided full-service environmental laboratory solutions for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications in the U.S. and abroad. Alpha Analytical ranks 8th among the top environmental laboratories in the country, and is the largest in the Northeast United States.

Alpha's LEAN processing journey began in March 2010. Since the inception of the program, many highlights and goals have been realized as a result of employee efforts and a belief in a system that cuts costs, increases productivity and provides added value to its customers.

Some of the highlights of Alpha's LEAN journey include:

  • Employee training in 5S, Kanban, Mistake-proofing (Pokayoke), Value Stream Mapping, and visual controls.
  • Close to 1000 employee ideas generated and implemented in three years.
  • Results of changing to one-piece flow on the production line = increased capacity, reduced process cycle time and thousands of employee hours saved!!!

Published by: Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership

Item# 70V1045


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