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Shigeo Shingo: Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing

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Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing, is the latest discovered and newly translated classic from Dr. Shigeo Shingo, engineering genius and a driving force behind the successful realization of the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing. This first-time-in-translation book will give modern readers total access to the fundamentals of improving any process.

Dr. Shingo directs the reader towards the path of flow operations, the ultimate and attainable goal of process improvement. His method of providing numerous examples with easy to understand, yet in-depth explanations of problem solving, is well represented throughout this book, this method has always been the key to Dr. Shingo's success.

Presented as the foundation to the principles of Lean Operations, Dr. Shingo instructs and illustrates the core successes to:

  • Process Improvement
  • Operations Improvement
  • Facility Improvement, and
  • Improving the Improvement Process

    ISBN#: 978-1926537078
    Author: Shigeo Shingo
    Published: 2009
    Pages: 454
    Binding: Hard Cover

    Item#: 70B7053


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