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The Pegboard Game: Standardize Tasks to Eliminate Variation

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This fast-paced game/simulation will have students on the edge of their seats as they try to complete the task as quickly as possible with very little instruction and zero standardization. Teams get to figure out for themselves, through several iterations, how to improve the results. By physically doing the training exercise, employees will be more confident to work together in their areas to standardize tasks and virtually eliminate the time, quality and cost variations.


Purpose of the game: to help students understand the implications of NOT standardizing the way we work, and how it impacts time, quality, and cost.

Estimated time for exercise: 15-20 minutes.

Includes: Pegboard, pegs, DVD of the simulation in action, & instructions.

- 30-minutes in length, the DVD is a terrific Lean Training tool, whether used as a complement to the Pegboard Game or as a stand-alone training tool!

Additional item needed: stopwatch (not included)

Item# 70TP014


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