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The 5S Nuts and Bolts Game: Workplace Organization

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Item #: 70TP013
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This simple but effective training exercise/game helps students really understand the implications of good workplace organization. You can tell them, but it is so much more powerful when they can see for themselves how "5S Workplace Organization" impacts their work - time, quality and cost!

Purpose of the game: to help students understand the implications of good workplace organization on the way we work, and how it impacts time, quality, and cost.

Estimated time for exercise: 15-20 minutes.

Includes: nuts and bolts, DVD of the simulation in action, & instructions.

- Thirty-minutes in length, the DVD is a very effective lean learning tool - as a complement to the simulation or as a stand-alone training product!

Additional item(s) needed: stopwatch, flipchart and marker (not included)

Item# 70TP013


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