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LocHooks 46 Piece Hook Assortment Kit

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Item #: 51K1007
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Accessories for SQUARE hole pegboards only

Triton Products, LocHooks

Industrial Strength Hooks

  • The ultimate building block for organization and storage using the LocBoard system.
  • These industrial strength hooks with patented 2 and 4-point contact locking mechanisms offer the ultimate in holding power.
  • Hooks mount in four directions offering storage solutions for nearly any item, while maximizing the use of storage space.
  • LocHooks can be positioned or combined with one another to increase holding power and offers storage solutions for those odd shaped tools.
  • Incorporate hanging plastic bins into your system using 51ABC002 BinClips.
  • Styles never before offered.
  • LocHooks fit most steel boards with square holes 1-1/2" O.C.

The 46 piece kit for square pegboards includes:
   (5) 1" Single Rod, 30 deg bend
   (5) 4" Single Rod, 30 deg bend
   (5) 1" Double Rod, 30 deg bend
   (5) 3" Double Rod, 30 deg bend
   (5) Spring Clips/Spray Can Holder
   (5) Spring Clip Standard 3/4-1-1/4" Hold
   (5) 1/2" Single Ring
   (5) 3-1/4" Curved Hook
   (5) 5" Double Closed End Loop
   (1) Multi-Prong Tool Holder

Material: Zinc Plated Steel Hooks

Item #: 51K1007


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