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Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Simulation

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The Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Simulation will help your company realize its goal of becoming more Lean, more agile, and taking a lead over the competition. This is a hands-on simulation that demonstrates the effectiveness of Lean in the specialized context of the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Distribution environment.

Throughout the three rounds of the simulation the participants will learn the importance of reducing batch size and streamlining the process flow, as well as learning how to apply new concepts. Step by step team members become familiar with Lean, yet more importantly they take these Lean concepts and apply them directly during the simulation. By dealing with everything from orders received, working with the supplier, and finally shipping the product, the participants will gain an understanding of the importance of seeing the entire Supply Chain.

The simulation comes with a Flash presentation, including a results tracking sheet that is completed at the end of each round in order to help visualize improvement and profitability. Through a subtle change between Rounds 1 and 2, and a larger Lean transformation with Round 3, the benefits of Lean will become clearly apparent. Not only does this visualization help the participants see and experience Lean, but also how it will be advantageous to them and their own job.

Included in the Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Simulation:

   1 - Facilitator Guide with CD Presentation
   1 - Set of Lego pieces
   2 - Stopwatches
   4 - Calculators
   1 - Red Marker
   2 - Baskets
   20 - Plastic Bags
   Rubber Bands
   All of the necessary paperwork for the simulation

Item# 70TP022


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