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Building a Lean Culture DVD

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Permanently changing the attitudes of employees is a difficult task. What might be considered a lean operation one day could slide back into the old ways of doing things overnight. The only way to truly build a lean culture is to fundamentally change the workplace culture and get buy in from every employee at all levels of the organization.

While this is easier said than done, go inside HID Global's North Haven, Connecticut plant, where they began a transformation. You'll see how this facility became the company's test pilot for cultural change centered on the concepts of lean manufacturing.

This program shows you first-hand how HID-Connecticut uses teamwork, community involvement, and social interaction among employees to spawn new ideas for improvement to quality, cost, and delivery.

Learn how highly integrated quality controls and training simulations in Five S, Kanban, and Value Stream Mapping help instill the continuous improvement philosophy in every single HID employee. Understand how the visualization tools known as the "Misery Index" and the "Lean House Without Waste" can help your company in it's lean transformation.

Published by: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Date Published: December 01, 2006
Length: 00:19 minutes


Item# 70V1011


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