Double Sided Mini Poster Cards, 10 Pk

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Item #: 90P933

Quantity Style Sku Price
5S and 7 Wastes 90P933-5S7W


5S and 8 Wastes of Lean 90P933-5S8W


Continuous Improvement and Kaizen Mindset 90P933-CIKM


TPM and 8 Rules for Quick Changeover 90P933-TPM8R


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Product Details

Take the training room to the shop floor with Enna’s full color mini-poster cards. These vivid adaptations of Enna’s most popular Lean posters are the perfect pocket-sized companion for handing out to managers, supervisors, and shop floor associates. Attractive enough for display yet durable enough to stand up to shop floor environments, these appealing mini-poster cards ensure that key concepts are always within reach.  Image shows front and back side of card.


Qty: 10 per pack

Dimensions: 3.25" W x 4.25" H


4 Styles to choose from:

  • 5S / 7 Wastes
  • 5S / 8 Wastes of Lean
  • Continuous Improvement / Kaizen Mindset
  • TPM / 8 Rules for Quick Changeover


Item# 90P933-(style)


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