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Shigeo Shingo: Knowledge In Action - DVD Part 2

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Join Dr. Shingo on the path to kaizen as he continues to analyze the manufacturing processes at an AT&T facility. In the first volume, we witnessed Dr. Shingo addressing several topics from zero defects to the fundamentals of pre-automation. In this volume Dr. Shingo brings Poka-yoke into sharp focus by listening to key concerns and offering solutions that work. From soldering to assembly, Dr. Shingo's expertise leads one of America's premier communication companies on the path to continuous improvement.


This is the only documented footage that shows Dr. Shingo on the shop floor addressing quality and defects in his customary straightforward and often humorous manner. The raw VHS footage has been enhanced to provide the clearest image and sound as possible and added subtitles to reinforce key points.


Running length: 54:25

Item #: 70V1029






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