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5S Office: Solution Package V1

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5S Version One:
Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize, Sustain

The 5S Office Solution Package will help you develop an exceptional 5S office kaizen program in an office environment that puts your organizational development ahead of your competition. Will helps you assess your needs and select workshops focused on improving your current or new 5S area.

Lean organizations know that for a 5S program to be successful there needs to be implementation throughout all areas of the business. Marketing, design, accounting, engineering, and other departments benefit from 5S just as much as the shop floor. Enna understands the importance and difficulties of transferring a 5S program to the knowledge worker. Enna has developed a solution for companies wishing to begin or sustain an Office 5S program.

5S Office V1 Section Outline
1. Introduction History Overview of the 5S?s.
2. Putting 5S to Work (explain each S in version 1)
Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain
3. Five S and Teamwork (Workshop Portion)
4. 5S Office Kaizen Project (Supportive)

Train knowledge workers not only on the principles of 5S, but empower them to take ownership from implementation through to maintaining their office area and office spaces.

This implementation package is action oriented to make certain success and maximization of 5S methodology for an office environment.

The 5S Office Solution Package contains the following: 5S Office: Facilitator Guide (1) 5S Office: Preparation Guide (1) 5S Office: Facilitator Digital Media CD (no sound) (1) 5S Office: Participant Workbook (8) 5S: Red Tag Register (1) 5S: 30 Day Action Log (1) 5S: Map (1) 5S: Sustainment Schedule (1) 5S Office: Evaluation Review Form (1) 5S: Red Tags (100) 5S V1: Poster (2) 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster (2) Item# 70TP004


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