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Custom Dry Erase Whiteboard Overlay

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Item #: 53DCWOL


Custom Dry Erase Whiteboard Overlays are quick and easy to use, allowing you to convert any whiteboard into a visual management tool.
In most cases, the graphics on the company whiteboard are usually hand made and in some cases consume an enormous amount of someones time to create.  And if something changes, it's not always easy to adjust.
These custom dry erase overlays are a simple, inexpensive way to create full color, dynamic performance metrics.  Your design would be custom printed on a durable acrylic overlay that is framed with a magnetic or adhesive strip which simply attaches to your existing whiteboard.  If the information becomes obsolete or changes - you can just order a new one.  
Custom Dry Erase Overlays will help save time and reduce costs while engaging your team to collect the data needed!
  • Use existing magnetic or non-magnetic dry erase whiteboards in your facility.
  • Personalize your overlay with your company logo or slogan.
  • No additional costs for multi-colored data.
  • The overlay can be produced in what ever size you need.
  • When changes happen, replace the overlay not the whiteboard.
What types of overlays can be created, well the possibilities are endless!  Here's a short list to get your mind thinking:
5 Why's Continuous Improvement Plans Production Boards
A3 Projects Cost Reduction Tracking Safety Goals
Accountability Boards Kaizen Projects Sales Targets
Actual to Goal Projects Maintenance Plans Visual Problem Solving Charts
Calendars Product Launch Boards  


If you can dream it, we can build it!  Check out the DOWNLOADS tab for more information.
Have any questions?? Give us a call: (978) 650-1362 or email:  [email protected].


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