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Custom Foam Tool Shadow Boards

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Item #: 51KCFTSB


Create and designate a place for every tool. Find, use, and then return tools to their assigned location, neatly stowed in your tool box drawer, chest, cabinet, station, or tray. Tools are set in color spaces of same shadow shape outline in the foam organizer.

Dense textured polyethylene foam is chemically cross-linked to be durable, heat stable, yet lightweight. Resistant to oils, solvents and jet fuels.

• Promote and raise the awareness of tool accountability, management, safety and security.
• Elevate productivity - organized tools are convenient, efficient, and placed ready for the job.
• Compliment your 5S program through visual management and organization of your tools.
• Comply with tool Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) prevention programs.

STEP 1: How to Obtain a Quote
IMAGES - A tool grouping photo of each drawer is needed.  This helps to determine how thick the foam will need to be.
MATERIAL - Confirm what type of material is needed for your application: Polyethylene Foam, HDPE (Clean Room Material)
SIZE - Provide the dimensions the foam piece needs to be to fit in the drawer, tray, or tool box - include at least two decimal places on each dimension. Example: 12.75” x 24.25”
# OF TOOLS - Provide the total number of tools for the drawer.
QUANTITY - Indicate the desired quantity needed for this custom layout.
If the exact same layout is the same for 4 tools boxes and you are looking to have them done all at the same time.

There must be a 1/2 inch minimum space between all tools and 5/8 inch minimum from the edge.
Please take this into consideration when layout out the tools.

- Drawer 1: 12” x 24.5”, 18 tools, Qty 4 boards
- Drawer 2: 12” x 24.5”, 9 tools, Qty 4 boards
- Drawer 3: 24” x 36.75”, 36 tools, Qty 1 board

(Drawer 1 and 2 layouts would be duplicated 4 times, drawer 3 will only be produced once. )

Email the above information to: [email protected]. Subject Line: custom tool foam quote request. A representative will reply to you within 24 business hours.

Once we have the above information and all questions have been answered, you would receive a quote within 3-4 business days.

STEP 2: Converting the Quote into Order
Once you decide to move forward with an order, please contact your sales representative to provide payment information and discuss the tool details needed to produce your tool shadow board.
• We accept MC, Visa and American Express credit cards.
• Customers with an active terms account can email a purchase order. A $250.00 minimum product value required for POs.

STEP 3: Order Confirmation
When we have payment and tool information an order confirmation will be emailed within 24-48 business.

STEP 4: Proofs
A proof will be provided within about 5-10 business days for review and approval. If changes are needed, further instructions will be provided.

STEP 5: Finished Product
The finished product usually ship within 10 business days from the proof approval.


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