Custom Wall Mount and Mobile Tool Shadow Boards

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Product Details

Store-Boards are the easy, custom solution for creating a visual system for your tools. At a glance, see that tools and supplies are in their designated location. Place Store-Boards throughout the facility, near the work area for improved efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

  • Shadow outlines with words identify where tools should be kept when not in use
  • Account for missing tools and equipment
  • Completely customizable. Choose your size, colors and even add your company logo and colors
  • Add specific department information





Step 1: Determine what type of board you are looking for: Wall Mount, Mobile, or Cabinet.

Step 2: Choose a material best suited for your application: Accu-Shield, Aluma-Lite, Max-Duty Aluminum or Diamond Aluminum.


Accu-Shield  & Accu-Shield FBX – the highest performance sign. The non-glare polycarbonate plastic is specially formulated to resist color change, chemicals, corrosion, abrasions and wash-down –and will continue to look good for years and maintain its superior strength. The two-ply heavy-duty construction provides a rugged, yet stylish appearance with a thick-edge design and industrial strength backing.   Accu-Shield FBX complies with the requirements of the FDA’s food contact regulations.  15 Year Durability.

Ultra Aluma-Lite - Ultra-lightweight properties combine with high-strength, rugged, engineering to make this composite aluminum sign extremely durable – enabling it to withstand tough indoor and outdoor conditions. The material is 40% lighter than solid aluminum yet maintains the same durability, stiffness and rigidity.  10 Year Durability.

Max-Duty Aluminum - .080” Max-Duty Aluminum provides the strength of metal, yet never rusts. Aluminum withstands wash-downs, harsh elements, abusive conditions and features good chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. Excellent for indoor or outdoor applications.  5 Year Durability.

Diamond Aluminum - Metalized, silver diamond plate pattern provides a rugged, 3D look on .080” thick, Max-Duty Aluminum. The surface is actually smooth but looks diamond plated. The diamond surface, high strength aluminum withstands tough conditions, such as chemical splashes, pressure washes, scrapes and impacts – yet does not corrode, rust or weigh heavy like steel.  5 Year Durability.


Step 3: Identify your tools and layout requirements. Collect and send us your tool information using whichever of these three options is easiest for you. This will aid in determining the size of the board you will need.


Option A) Tool Part Numbers – Provide the manufacturers’ name, brand, and model number.

(NOTE: There are some cases where the tool manufacturer may not have a great tool image available for the shadow, we may  ask for a photo of the tool(s) to be provided)


Option B) Tool Image – Send a high quality photo of each tool individually with accurate measurements (LxW up to 2 decimal points).  You can place the tool on a piece of white paper; indicate the length and width next to it. (enter the tool description and dimensions on the Store-Board form provided)


Option C) CAD Files – Design your layout yourself using CAD software.  Email the CAD file along with a PDF of the layout as well.  This option is subject to verification, not all CAD files formats can be used.


Step 4: Personalize your Store-Board. Provide a company logo(s) in Vector file format, images that you’d like on the board. Any ideas you have for your design. What colors would you like the background and tool shadows.

Step 5: Size - The size of the board will be determined based on the tools provided. If there are special size requirements or limits due to space, please let us know.

Step 6: Email the information to the custom sales rep at [email protected]


Step 7: When we have verified we have everything we need, it will be submitted to the design team.  A virtual proof and quote will be emailed in about 7-10 business days from that date.


Step 8: Finished product will ship out within 5-12 business days from when the order is placed.

A custom tool shadow form can be provided to help capture all the required information needed.  Send an email to [email protected] and request a copy of the form.


If you have any questions, please give us a call: (978)-842-4610 or email:  [email protected]


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