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Cable Ties 100 pk

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Item #: 50APTCS
Size: 4 inch length
Sku: 50APTCS3
Size: 8 inch length
Sku: 50APTCS8
Size: 14 inch length
Sku: 50APTCS14

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Convenient plastic straps quickly attach and tighten.


Available in three sizes: 4" for tags, small attachments.  8" for uprights, equipment, parts.  14" for poles, posts and larger mountings.


Plastic Tie Applications:

  • Suspending card holders and warehouse signs.
  • Connecting items to wire racks and baskets.
  • Hanging bar codes and product data on freezer racks and cold storage shelves.
  • Tying signs to warehouse posts and poles.
  • Connecting small, loose parts.
  • Attaching property ID and equipment asset tags.


Qty: 100 per pack


Item# 50APTCS-(size)


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