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24 in. Industrial Dust Mop 6 pk

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Item #: 45CDM2456
Color: blue
Sku: 45CDM2456-BL
Color: green
Sku: 45CDM2456-GR
Color: orange
Sku: 45CDM2456-OR
Color: purple
Sku: 45CDM2456-PR
Color: red
Sku: 45CDM2456-RD
Color: white
Sku: 45CDM2456-WH
Color: yellow
Sku: 45CDM2456-YW

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Our heavy duty dust mops are industrial laundry grade and designed with superior performance and durability properties. The closed-looped synthetic yarn blend allows for repeated laundering without wear. This yarn will reduce the fire hazards associated with the drying of cut-end cotton yarns. The time required in the washing and drying of these dust mops will be ½ of what is required by most other mops. This mop allows for superior dust pick-up and retention and eliminates the need for mop treatment. Netting is not required for laundering this mop.


Fits all standard 5" dust mop frames


Size: 24" x 5"
Colors: Blue, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow


  • Same day shipping not available.
  • Dust Mop Frame and Handle not included.



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