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CIP Overhead Pipe Blue Brush Head Medium - EURO

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Item #: 45C5371

** Requires EURO Threaded Handle - Sold Separately **

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The soft CIP brush paired with the telescopic handle is excellent for cleaning overhead pipes. The soft bristles are great for gathering dust-like debris in hard to reach areas such as overhead equipment. An adjustable neck allows for the brush to be used at different angles.



Size: 21.70” L x 10.60” W x 5.50” H

Weight: 1.21lbs.

FDA Compliant Materials:

  • Polypropylene Block
  • Polyester Bristles
  • Stainless Steel

Bristle Stiffness: Medium

Working Temp: -22° F/-30° C to 176° F/80° C

Autoclaveable To: 250° F/121° C



Remco Product: 53713


** Handles Sold Separately **


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