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12 in. Glow-in-the-Dark Footprints 1 Pair

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Item #: 15SPT12470
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12" Glow-In-The-Dark Footprints


Great for Leading visible and safe pathways in low-light and emergency blackout situations. 


  • Photo-luminescent marking footprints glow in the dark in a green-yellow color. 
  • Use them to mark aisles, walls, escape routes, stairwells and exit areas for directional safety.
  • Flexible 10-mil polyester with laminated gloss surface and permanent acrylic adhesive back with peel-off liner.


The footprints are 'energized' by any light source - the longer exposure to light, the longer glow time.  Good marking visibility in regular light as well, with a greenish-white appearance. 

Footprint Size: 12"
Qty: 1 pair = 1 left & 1 right


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