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5S Audit Scoreboard: We Have Exceeded Our Audit Score Goal For _ Days

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Item #: 15SES502
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All of these Safety Scoreboards are now using the brand-new Digi-Day® 3 style scoreboard! The new Digi-Day® 3 provides both new and existing features from the prior Digi-Day® models with the ability to control up to 5 digital displays with a single remote. Here are the new specifications of the Digi-Day® 3 models:
  • 28" x 20" x 1" - aluminum construction
  • IP65 water and dust resistant tested
  • Comes with built-in hidden rear mounting brackets
  • Bright LED with four-digit, 2 1/2"H numbers
  • Utilizes 110/120 VAC with an 8-ft. power cord and AC adapter
In addition to these new specifications, all electronic scoreboards provide the following functionalities:
  • Counts accident-free days in green, and, once an accident occurs, (manually) set the display to red until you reach your goal again
  • Ability to track your company's work days (such as a 7-day work week or a 5-day work week).
  • The internal clock advances the days automatically every 24 hours - you can set this to change at any part of the day.
  • Scoreboard is tamper-proof with a simple handheld remote control
  • All information is stored during a power failure with indication that a power failure has occurred
  • Both indoor and outdoor use


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