WRITE-A-DAY: This Plant Has Worked _ Days Without A Lost Time Accident

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Item #: 15MSR122

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20x14 Plastic 15MSR122-2014P


28x20 Plastic 15MSR122-2820P


20x14 Aluminum 15MSR122-2014A


28x20 Aluminum 15MSR122-2820A


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Product Details

Motivate and promote employees to practice safe behavior. Tracking your consecutive days without a lost time accident encourages everyone’s role in maintaining an accident-free workplace.


The write-a-day scoreboard is dry-erase making it easy and convenient for record keeping. Simply update your day’s safe number using dry-erase markers.



Size Options:

  • 20” H x 14” W
  • 28” H x 20” W


Material Options:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum


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