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Digital Grease Meter

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Item #: 11AGM0999
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The Digital Grease Meter allows you to dispense the correct amount of grease whereas manually accuracy is difficult to achieve. Many times bearings are over-greased or under-greased resulting in expensive equipment failures and stoppages. The meter makes it possible to grease precisely according to manufacturer’s recommendations, extending the bearing life.


  • Resettable total-counting mechanism (push the button to zero before each application)
  • Result shown in large and clear digits
  • Meter can be backlit for operation in darker areas
  • Fits with any GREASE SAFE flexible hoses or steel extensions
  • Meter housing is made of anodized aluminum and has 2 x ISO - R 1/8 female fittings


Working Pressure: Max 70 MPa – 10,000 psi

Flow: Max 1000 cm³/min 30 MPa – 4350 psi

Measuring Accuracy: +/- 3% up to

Battery: 2 x 1.5V LR1

Grease Consistency: Up to NLGI 2

Weight: 0.7 lbs 


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