2 in x 4 in viZ-Mark Heavy Duty Strip Marker

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Item #: 10TVMSTRIP24

Quantity Color Sku Price
black 10TVMSTRIP24-BK


brown 10TVMSTRIP24-BR


dark blue 10TVMSTRIP24-DBL


green 10TVMSTRIP24-GR


gray 10TVMSTRIP24-GY


light blue 10TVMSTRIP24-LBL


orange 10TVMSTRIP24-OR


purple 10TVMSTRIP24-PR




white 10TVMSTRIP24-WH


yellow 10TVMSTRIP24-YW


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Product Details

viZ-Mark combines a durable, impact resistant skin with an aggressive, conforming adhesive to deliver a marking material that conquers harsh industrial environments. Its specially designed surface layer is engineered to resist damage caused by pivoting and skidding forklift wheels - two of the most common causes of aisle marking destruction. Its beveled edge assists dragged pallets in sliding over the stripe to avoid slicing or tearing.


Size: 2" H x 4" W

Thickness: 30 mils

Qty: 1
Colors: Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, White & Yellow

*Refer to tape image to view all colors.

Material: PVC
Glue: Rubber Based
Beveled Edge: Yes
New Smooth Floors: Superior
Sealed/Epoxied Floors: Superior
Oily, Wet, Dirty Floors: OK, when properly cleaned and prepared.
Unsealed Floors: OK
Uneven Floors: Not Recommended
Chipped/Gouged Floors: Not Recommended
Heavy Forklift Traffic: Superior
Skidding/Pivoting: Superior
Freezer: Not Recommended

We suggest testing the product to ensure it is a good fit for your application. Samples are available.

Made in the USA


Warranty Guide Lines 
Covered by a solid 2-year warranty. Situations exempt from warranty include:

  • If product comes up from the floor due to floor not being cleaned or cleaned properly before installation.
  • If product is pulled up by a pallet being dragged or pulled by a forklift / tow motor.

NOT RECOMMENDED: The following is a list of applications where the use of viZ-Mark is not recommended and could potentially present a safety hazard: Freezers or environments where the ambient temperature regularly drops below 40°F. Any diamond plate surface. Textured or pebbled concrete surfaces. (In the case of a fine grit texture, Supreme V might possibly work, but we recommend testing before purchase). Floors that sweat in the summer humidity. Excessively gouged or chipped floors. Covering paint that is releasing from the floor. Stair treads. No warranty for outdoor use.

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