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2 inch Checkerboard Vinyl Floor Marking Tape

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Item #: 10TV773
Color: black/white
Sku: 10TV773-BKWH
Color: black/yellow
Sku: 10TV773-BKYW
Color: blue/white
Sku: 10TV773-BLWH
Color: green/white
Sku: 10TV773-GRWH
Color: magenta/yellow
Sku: 10TV773-MGYW
Color: orange/white
Sku: 10TV773-ORWH
Color: red/white
Sku: 10TV773-RDWH

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Highlight physical hazards and delineate various areas in the workspace with Checkered Vinyl Marking Tape from the 5S Store. A practical solution to identifying and communicating the specific functions of certain areas to employees, the vinyl floor marking tape is easy to understand and implement.


Tape is waterproof and wear-resistant, with minor resistance to acids, oils, grease, caustics, alkalis and most solvents. Applies to clean, smooth, dry surface (free of grease, oil, dust, dirt and other grit).


The striped vinyl tape is an excellent temporary precaution while organizing your workspace, but also functions as an economical alternative to paint. Removal is as easy as application, and will not damage floors. We also offer a clear vinyl tape that can be placed over the striped vinyl floor marking tape to extend its life.


Color combinations meet specific industry and OSHA § 1910.144 warning requirements:
• Yellow/Black for General, Physical Hazards
• Red/White for Fire Protection & Equipment
• Black/White for Housekeeping, Aisles, Traffic & Passageways
• Magenta/Yellow for Radiation Areas
• Green/White for Safety & First Aid
• Blue/White for Defective Equipment
• Orange/White for Traffic and Caution


Type: 1" Checkered Squares
Size: 2" x 54', 6 mils, 3" core
Qty: Priced & sold per roll
Colors: Black/White, Black/Yellow, Blue/White, Green/White, Magenta/Yellow, Orange/White, Red/White

For added protection and durability, add the 3" Clear Floor-Mark floor tape over the vinyl.


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