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Pre-Cut 4 Pc Floor Sign Kit

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Item #: 10TK529
Options: electrical panel
Sku: 10TK529-EP
Options: eye wash station
Sku: 10TK529-EW
Options: fire extinguisher
Sku: 10TK529-FE
Options: eye wash/shower station
Sku: 10TK529-WS

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Days to Ship: 2-3 business days


Be sure to mark sections and locations where important stations exist in your facility.


4 Styles Available:  Electrical Panel, Eye Wash Station, Fire Extinguisher, Eye Wash/Shower Station

Includes: (2) 36" x 2" side strips, (1) 24" x 2" center strip, (1) 17" circle vinyl floor sign.

  • Pre-cut floor sing kits help keep areas in front of fire extinguishers, electrical panels, emergency showers/eyewash stations and any other equipment free and clear of obstruction.
  • Kit made of 0.020 inch thick vinyl over laminated with vinyl non-slip, pebble texture.



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