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Glow-in-the-Dark Footprints

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Item #: 15S5535
Footprint: left
Sku: 15S5535-L
Footprint: right
Sku: 15S5535-R

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Visually aids a fast exit during power outages and emergency situations.
   - Made of B-324 phosphorescent vinyl film.
   - 10+ hour glow life.

Footprint Size: 12"
Quantity: one footprint

Compliant to: ASTM E2072-00/E2073-02/E2030-02, ASTM E162/E648/E662, SMP 800C. IMO Resolution A 752(18). ISO/CD 15370. PSPA Standard 002, part 2 1993, class A rev2: 09/99.

Item#: 15S5535-(choose side)


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