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Fire Hose Sign

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Item #: 40S4063
Size: 12 in X 9 in (4 pack)
Sku: 40S4063-12
Size: 24 in X 18 in
Sku: 40S4063-24
Size: 30 in X 21 in
Sku: 40S4063-30

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These signs are now vivid and UV fade resistant. Great for any 5S program, these signs can be placed on walls, doors, support beams and durable enough for floor withstand pedestrian or forklift traffic. They are so easy to install, you just peel-&-stick. These Signs save you from painting hassles such as dry time, cure time, and down time.  34 mils thick.

Ideal for perfect or less than perfect floors.

Simply clean the surface to which the graphic will be applied, peel the release liner from the adhesive, and compress the sign to the floor for maximum adhesion.


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