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e2 Continuous Improvement System: The Book

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You to can Manage & Sustain Your Lean Transformation Through the "e2 everybody, everyday" Approach to Lean

Written by GBMP's own Bruce Hamilton (aka "The Toast Guy) & Pat Wardwell

What is e2?

e2 = everybody, everyday & the e2 system is a "Lean-by-Doing" process that takes theories and immediately puts them into practice in your own workplace through illuminating and effective exercises and assignments. This key component of e2 provides tacit learning to make lean techniques relevant and exciting in the context of your organization, regardless of the nature of your business.

e2 provides the know-why as well as the know-how (inspiration as well as information) to link Toyota's technical aspects of lean to its grounding in "True North philosophy".

e2 is a holistic approach to understanding and practicing lean thinking in every department and every level of your organization, from your executive suite to your shop floor.

e2 is a stand-alone resource for lean learning, but is also designed to utilize GBMP's award-winning Lean DVDs.

e2 is the realization of the relationship between how we invest in people and learning to position ourselves for growth and to manage change. This book provides the umbrella under which lean philosophy, tools and systems fall.

e2 Continuous Improvement System is a proven process for energizing and engaging employees in lean learning and practices, and has been used around the world by companies large and small, including Raytheon, Biogen Idec, Intel and many, many more.

"The e2 Continuous Improvement System has been a real boost for our organization's Lean knowledge and has reinvigorated our journey. The easy to follow lessons are useful and relevant...and the complementary learning activities make it very effective regardless of the individual's learning style." JS, Raytheon IDS, McKinney, TX

"e2 continues to be effective at bringing employees together to focus on continuous improvement. The straighforward e2 concepts are quickly grasped by all employees. As a result of "everyody, everyday", ACT is experiencing company-wide teamwork focused on continuous improvement. "Everybody, Everyday" is now the ACT way!" JL, Advanced Conversion Technology, Middletown PA .

Item #: 70B7056


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