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DuraHooks 36 Piece Hook Assortment Kit

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Triton Products: DuraHooks 76936

Double Locking Pegboard Hooks & Tool Holders for Round Holes.

The 36 piece kit includes:
   (6) 1" Single rod hooks, 30 Deg Bend
   (1) 6" Single rod hooks, 30 Deg Bend
   (6) 2-1/2" Single Rod 30 Deg Bend
   (4) Pliers holders
   (5) Extended Spring clip
   (4) Standard Spring clip
   (5) Single ring tool holder
   (5) Curved hook

Pegboard is not included with this kit.  Can be used with any round hole pegboard with a 9/32" Dia. hole, spaced 1" on center.

Material: Zinc Plated Steel Hooks


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