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DuraBoard 2 Panel System

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Triton Products DB-2

DuraBoard Polypropylene Pegboard Storage Systems:

  • Heavy-duty translucent white polypropylene pegboard offers greater holding power than traditional 1/4" pegboard; will not crack or break under normal use.
  • Durable, weather resistant, washable and suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Pegboard is standard 1/4" with 9/32" diameter round holes spaced 1" on center and accommodates all DuraHook locking (stay put) pegboard hooks or standard 1/4" pegboard hooks.
  • Board surface is ideal for using shadow tape to create silhouettes of tools to be stored and managed.
  • Accommodates locking stay put pegboard hooks and standard pegboard hooks.
  • Mount using the spacer kit to eliminate framing hassles.
  • 2 Panels totaling 16 sq ft
  • each panel is 24" x 48" (8 sq ft)
  • Translucent White only
  • Spacers not included.
  • Hooks and Holders not included.


Don't forget to purchase DuraHook or DuraHook Kits to compliment and complete this storage system.


One panel shown in image.



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