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Facility Solution Center

There are many visual solutions available today. But, sometimes, it’s difficult to know what it is that you actually need or even how to search for it. Well, we have GREAT NEWS for you. Our 5S and Visual Control experts understand what you’re up against. We’ve been there. We know your time is limited and your task list extensive. The last thing you have time for is scouring the internet for a solution you can’t even describe. Google is great but let’s face it, there are times where actually talking to someone is a quicker and more effective solution.


For more than a decade our customers have come to us to help them find what they need, EVEN WHEN THEY DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT THAT IS. For example, one customer reached out to us with a challenging Kanban project. He explained the work flow in the area and even sent some workplace images to our 5S Expert. Through some conversation and review of the process we were able to find just the right Kanban visual tool for them. And, we’ve helped hundreds of customers in similar situations. And, it doesn’t stop there. Along with our own team of experts, we’ve built an extensive network of quality vendors and well known Lean experts that we can further tap into to find your solution. The best thing about all this added value? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE. All you have to do is ask. It’s like having a 5S and Lean Expert in your back pocket.

So, if you need further assistance you can reach us by:

Call (978)433-5035

Email: [email protected]

Live Chat – just click the Live Chat button at the top of your screen


We look forward to help you succeed.

The 5S Store Team

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