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New England Lean Consulting

New England Lean Consulting New England Lean Consulting is a full-service Lean consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations realize all of the benefits of a Lean implementation. We offer training and consulting services, and work should-to-shoulder throughout the process of instituting Lean in your organization. Our many years’ experience have saved companies millions of dollars, while securing market share and delivering higher value to the customer. We have lead events that have saved time, reduced inventory, increased safety and increased employee satisfaction. These events have spanned many different industries, including Automotive, Medical Device, Aerospace and Service. At New England Lean Consulting, we fully believe that we are your Partner in a Practical Lean Approach.

Exceeda Consulting

Exceeda Consulting are experts in implementing lean and six sigma tools, techniques and methodologies to maximize value and minimize waste in business processes to provide the greatest opportunity for profit improvement. At Exceeda, we believe only people raise the bar by continually improving processes, technology supports it, so people can raise it again. We have led and supported improvement initiatives and lean implementations at leading companies in sectors as diverse as medical, electrical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, consumer and retail industries. These initiatives have focused on productivity, quality, safety, waste elimination, cost reduction and lead time reduction based on the company's strategic plans. With many years of industry experience and an extensive list of capabilities, Exceeda Consulting is uniquely qualified to meet your business needs and give your company the competitive edge.

Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership

GBMP is a not for profit corporation whose sole focus is to help companies become productive, competitive and profitable through Continuous Improvement education and hands on implementation of best practices.

Fuss & O’Neill

Fuss & O’Neill is a full-service engineering consulting firm. Our qualified professionals take a disciplined approach to address the needs of organizations in both the public and private sectors. Clients take advantage of our Total Productive Maintenance and Lean Manufacturing experience to measure and increase the effectiveness and reliability of their equipment.

Institute for OperationalExcellence

The Institute for Operational Excellence is an advanced educational center providing public training and education on creating and sustaining Operational Excellence. The mission of the Institute for Operational Excellence is to define Operational Excellence in a way that top executives and front line operators can understand. The Institute provides in-depth education on the principles of Operational Excellence and how to create it in any organization through formal education, innovative products, and conference keynoting.

LEI – Lean Enterprise Institute

LEI publishes books, workbooks, and case studies, run workshops and conferences, and conduct research that help companies transform themselves into lean enterprises, based on the principles of the Toyota Business System. We also help managers and executives develop the leadership behaviors that sustain lean enterprises.

Lean Blog

At the Lean Blog you’ll find information about Lean in factories, hospitals and around the world.

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