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CEDAC DVD: Cause and Effect Diagrams Adding Culture

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Shigeo Shingo once said, "The real problem is thinking there is no problem." All the QC tools in the world will not solve problems in an environment that turns a blind eye to problems. The secret to effective problem solving is to develop many problem-solvers. CEDAC, an improved version of the fishbone diagram first developed by Deming Prize Winner, Ryuji Fukuda, combines the graphic clarity of the fishbone with a clever team-based approach to participative problem solving.

Follow along with the GBMP team as they use CEDAC to divide and conquer a familiar multi-faceted problem. Returning to the scene of Toast Kaizen, the team observes and breaks down the problems they see with the toasting process and then systematically brainstorms, tests and evaluates countermeasures. Breaks at key points of the DVD will enable your team to practice the method hands-on along with ours.

Learn how to:

  • Customize the 'bones' on the fish using a 'why-not' diagram.
  • Achieve 100% team participation with problem identification.
  • Gain consensus for new standards using the three-dot system.
  • Avoid backtracking and digression.
  • Keep the process moving forward.
  • Generate continuous incremental improvement.


CEDAC is designed not only to solve problems, but also to create an environment that encourages participation - a problem-solving culture, one in which surfacing and solving problems becomes normal. Discover and practice the key points of this valuable tool in just thirty minutes.

Published by: GBMP
Length: 30 Minutes

Item #: 70V1040


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