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Plant Tour Series: Brookfield Engineering Laboratories DVD

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Many organizations seek to implement Lean today in order to survive in a global market, or to repair nagging issues with quality or customer service.

But what if a company is already an international market leader, exporting more than three quarters of its products? And what if this company is already viewed by customers as the leader for service and quality in its industry?

Then, why implement Lean?

Ask David and Don Brookfield, owners of Brookfield Engineering Labs and they'll tell you their customers have always been number one and that Lean presented the means to provide ever-increasing value - to keep customers number one.

Ask the employee owners of this Massachusetts ESOP that question and they'll tell you that Lean supports the internal customers - the down stream operations - in order to keep those external customers happy.

And they'll happily tell you that that continuous improvement also means making their jobs easier and faster. Company-wide, from sales to production to shipping, the employees and at Brookfield have declared war on waste and in the process have created a lean culture - everybody, everyday - not out of crisis, but out of a legacy for quality and service and a management vision to keep the customer #1.

Published by: Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership

Item #: 70V1036


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