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38 in. Blockade Specialty Striped Stanchion Post

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Item #: 10BB38S-S
Stripe: reflective red
Sku: 10BB38S-SRR
Stripe: reflective yellow
Sku: 10BB38S-SRY
Stripe: reflective white
Sku: 10BB38S-SRW
Stripe: fluorescent red
Sku: 10BB38S-SFR
Stripe: fluorescent orange
Sku: 10BB38S-SFO
Stripe: fluorescent green
Sku: 10BB38S-SFG
Stripe: glow-in-the-dark
Sku: 10BB38S-SGL

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High density polyethylene stanchion has industrial design ideal for the plant or facility. Set out several posts with chain (sold separately) connecting to establish boundaries. Posts include C-hooks for hanging chain. Post stands 38" high with a sturdy, 16" wide, low-profile compartmental base which can be filled with gravel, sand or filled water bottles. Base also comes with pre-drilled holes to be secured to the floor if desired.

The 3" diameter post and base snap together for a secure, positive lock rather than the standard press-fit design. Snap lock ensures the post will not pull out from the base when lifted and moved. Unit breaks down and stacks for compact storage.

Stanchions are eye-catching safety yellow with stripe color: Reflective Red, Reflective Yellow, Reflective White, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Glow-in-the-Dark.

Item#: 10BB38S-S(color)


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