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Plant Tour Series: Abiomed DVD

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Item #: 70V1032
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Abiomed is a global leader in heart support and recovery products. The newest addition to the GBMP Lean Training Video Plant Tour series highlights many key lean principles including the power of employee idea systems, how to engage all of your employees, the importance of 5S and Visual Control Systems, how to use Kanban to connect and synchronize your operations, the importance of benchmarking and networking with other companies on the lean journey, how to integrate lean into everyone's daily work, "Go See" management techniques and the emphasis that lean is truly about people and their ideas.

Abiomed made the decision to embark on their lean journey in 2005 and have been making dramatic improvements ever since.

Abiomed continuously develops new products and leverages its lean learning throughout the business to produce products in the most cost-effective manner.

In the DVD, you will see executives and front line employees alike answer questions like "What is world-class?" and "How can we use Continuous Improvement to enable us to be successful in such a competitive and global marketplace?"

Published by: Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership
Length: 30 Minutes

Item #: 70V1032


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