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Improvement Kata - Making Scientific Thinking a Life Skill for Everyone

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The Improvement Kata pattern is a better way for learning and developing the capabilities of our most valuable resource: our employees.

Shigeo Shingo noted that continuous improvement means trying something weve not done before treading into unexplored territory. Yet, most organizations task employees with entering into uncharted waters as if it is already familiar. The results are almost always disappointing both to employee and manager.

Using an example familiar to most, learning to drive, GBMP compares traditional push system learning with the Improvement Kata method, which redefines the managers role as coach and enabler. Many humorous moments in Annas learning process underscore the benefits of the structured, scientific Kata approach. In the end, Anna learns a valuable meta-skill, a deliberate, scientific method that can be universally applied to any challenge she may face. Whether in our personal or work lives, achieving challenging goals requires a set of practiced skills and a social environment that support a scientific approach to problem-solving. The challenge to kaizen small changes for the better requires a set of practiced skills that create a social environment supporting the technical science of problem-solving. This video of Annas driving lessons provides an introduction to the critical importance of Kata methodology to real human development.

Published by: GBMP
Length: 40 minutes

Item# 70V1060


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