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7 Wastes Pen 5 pk

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Item #: M7WP
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What better way to remind yourself and your team to identify and eliminate the 7 wastes from your business processes? Use the 7 Wastes pen in your training sessions as a gift to participants or as part of your recognition program to show people how much you value their ideas.

This high quality Bic-brand pen reads "Continuous Improvement - Identify and Eliminate the 7 Wastes" on the barrel and has a rotating window that scrolls through the 7 Wastes each time you click the pen.

6 Rotating Messages:
- 1. Defects
- 2. Waiting

- 3. Motion
- 4. Inventory
- 5. Processing
- 6. Transportation
- 7. Overproduction

Color: Blue and white with blue text
Ink: Blue
Qty: 5 pk


Item# M7WP


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