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5S Into Action DVD: Sustaining Results and Realizing the Benefits

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Item #: 70V1021
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This is the best professional video of 5S on the market, professionally written and produced to ensure the key concepts of 5S are communicated to an audience that considers managers as well as employees. The video is set both in the training room as well as the shop floor. We take the audience through each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. During each stage we explain why 5S is done and how to implement 5S along with fully explaining the benefits to the employee. We provide detailed examples of each 5S step and illustrate these with specific video and illustrations for your audience. 5S into Action is an excellent video that will create the vision of what 5S should be to your employees. All too often the meaning of 5S is lost and whittled down to only the cleaning aspect of 5S; but, 5S is much more then shining or cleaning up. 5S is truly about creating a visual workplace which communicates to your employees, customers, and managers as the health and vision of the business. 5S allows your business to better communicate to the newest employee and the shop floor veteran. This video will provide you with a perspective that communicates 5S to your employees in a manner that allows them to truly understand 5S; empowering them to adopt your vision of a visual and sustainable workplace.

Published by: Enna
Length: 25 Minutes

Item# 70V1021


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