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4 in. Brass Interlocking Letter and Number Stencil 92 Piece Set

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Item #: 10BS92-4
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Character Height: 4"



  • Adjustable and interlocking stencils made from brass.
  • GOTHIC STYLE characters for horizontal composition.
  • Stencils adjust quickly for perfect character alignment, spacing and clean, bold characters.
  • Use for marking boxes, crates, drums, pipes, racking or make signs for floors and walls.
  • Can be cleaned with solvent and should last you a long time!
  • Manufactured by Young Bros. Stamp Works Inc

92 Piece Letters & Numbers Set
Set Includes: AAA BB CC DD EEEE FF GG HH III JJ KK LL MM NNN OOO PP Q RR SSS TT UU VV WW XX YY ZZ, &&, 111 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 000, 1-Beginner, 1-Plain-Ender, 1-Period-Ender, 3-Spacers, 2 Period, 1-Comma and 1-Dash



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