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3 inch Handling Circles

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Item #: 60LPHC3
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Sku: 60LPHC3-F
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Sku: 60LPHC3-L

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Days to Ship: 10 business days


Size: 3"    ** This size is not usually a stocked item, ships in 7-10 business days **


Text & Colors:
  Use First: Blue w/white text
  Use Last: Cyan w/white text

Qty: One label type per roll of 500

Item# 60LPHC3-(label type)

Shipping Info

The 3" size is not usually a stocked size. Standard lead time for non stocked items are 7-10 business days. If there happens to be some in stock for the particular day label needed, it will ship with in 3 business days.


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